Not So Small

“Why have you come down? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness?”-Eliab to David, 1 Samuel 17:28

Eliab, David’s older brother, with his ego bruised, tried to make David feel small and insignificant. There is much irony here, not least of which, David would be king over his brother in several years. He would go from shepherd, to instrumentalist, to warrior, to commander, to king.

Also, although David was smaller because of his age, and his day job less significant, his faith made him great. He found it impossible that the Israelite army had not already responded to this giant’s taunts. For David, there was no question as to what needed to be done quite simply because he believed God, and so he took action when others would not.

Let me encourage you today in three ways. First, be reminded, greatness is never determined by the external appearance of things, but by the caliber of one’s heart, i.e faith, love, ┬ácharacter, courage, integrity. Second, faith, no matter how small, is never idle, it takes action when others will not. Third, be careful what you say to others (or about), they could be the next king, or in our case, the son or daughter of THE KING.