Re:Verse passage – Proverbs 13:24 (day four)

I am not a parent, but I am the child of parents who disciplined me. There were times (many times, actually) when I received discipline because it was needed. I hadn’t done the right thing and needed to be corrected. I wasn’t behaving in a way that honored God or respected others. Often, when I was being honest with myself, I knew I had done the wrong thing. While I would have never admitted it to them, I knew my parents were right to discipline me. In these moments, I experienced discipline out of love.

There were other, fewer, times that I experienced discipline out of a different motivation. Sometimes my parents were upset with each other, and by proxy this led them to be upset and harsh with me. Sometimes my parents had difficulty processing their own emotions and childhood traumas, which made them deal poorly with mine. A child can receive unhelpful discipline in the wake of a parent’s bad day. Children are perceptive, though. While I didn’t have words at the time to express it, I knew these moments of discipline were out of a poorer motivation.

Godly discipline requires us to examine our motivation. Are we modeling our discipline after the Lord’s so that our children may, “share in his holiness” (Hebrews 12:10)? When we engage in discipline with them, is it in an effort to make them look more like Christ? I know that when I become a parent, I will fail in this way many times. There will be moments when my flesh takes over and the discipline becomes more about me than about God. Here is a regular opportunity to say, “He must increase, I must decrease” (John 3:30).


5 thoughts on “Motivation”

  1. How did such a young lady become so wise at such an early age! May God bless you with many children if that is your desire, as you would make a wonderful parent! May your tribe increase. Thank you for being a part of this church. You are such a blessing to us all.

  2. Wow! Convicting. And it doesn’t have to regard just parents and children. How about leaders and followers? Supervisors and direct reports? “Superiors” and “subordinates”? Teachers and students? Etc, etc…Comes back to being a heart matter – as always. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Megan “Rock Star”; I cannot picture you ever disobeying your parents, but I can picture you on stage with a guitar. Thank you for your reminder to me; check my motivation.

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