Re:Verse passage – Proverbs 1:1-7 (day four)

One of the most challenging aspects of Christianity is that at times, it goes against logic – our earthly logic, at least. Christianity asks us to believe in a miraculous God who behaves in miraculous ways that will always be somewhat mysterious to us. There will always be aspects of God that we can’t wrap our heads around.

But that’s also what makes Christianity beautiful – the more we walk with God the more we see that his mysterious, logic-defying ways are better than our ways. His wisdom is better than our most sound arguments. As we learn to live well in God’s world, we have to walk with humility knowing that God’s ways are higher. Proverbs helps us do that. Proverbs helps us take the inward change we experience after finding Christ and express that change on the outside. Proverbs helps us unlearn the “wisdom” of the world (which is no wisdom at all) and replace it with God’s amazing, illogical wisdom.

It even tells us where to begin – if we want to have godly wisdom, we have to fear the Lord. We have to recognize that he is limitless and we are finite. We have to surrender to his Lordship. Only then can we start the journey towards wisdom.

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