Re:Verse passage – 1 John 5:14-15 (day four)

John states that we can have confidence that God hears us. But what gives us this confidence? What makes us sure that the God of the universe can hear what we have to say – or that he even wants to hear us? When things don’t happen the way we prayed they would, it’s easy to question if God can hear us, or if he has the desire to listen to us.

We know that God hears us because he did whatever it took to be united to us. He did what no other god would do – he became lowly and took on human flesh. He sent his son to carry the weight of sin for us, so that we would be united to him forever, living in perfect communion with him. He made a way to be united to us because he loves us. God so loved the world that he gave his only son. God’s disposition towards his children is one of love.

God didn’t do this miraculous work of love just to carelessly toss our prayers aside, only partially listening to us. He listens to us with his fullest attention because it is his character to do so. He is El Shama, the God who hears. When we have confidence in his character, we can have confidence that he hears us and will answer our prayers according to his will.

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  1. Incredible insight succinctly and caring my stated. God hears and wills because He loves. Thank you, Meghan.

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