Re:Verse passage – Luke 11:5-13 (day four)

At first glance, this passage can be puzzling. Are we waking a sleeping deity when we pray persistently? Do we simply annoy God into answering our prayers? Of course not. Jesus is saying that if a reluctant neighbor is willing to honor your persistence, how much more will the Father who loves you?

It seems to me that the Lord honors his children who stay leaned in, who are willing to wrestle in prayer. I’m reminded of Genesis 32 when Jacob wrestles with God. Jacob is persistent, he stays engaged and he receives a blessing. Our persistence doesn’t badger God, it honors him. Every time we ask, seek, and knock, we’re proclaiming that we believe God is who he says he is – a good Father who is mighty enough to meet our every need.

So go ahead – ask with persistence, keep knocking, wake the neighbors, seek the Lord shamelessly in prayer. The Lord is faithful to open the door.

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