Re:Verse passage – 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 (day four)

The life of a prayer doesn’t have to end when it’s answered. Paul is asking his readers to reflect on how God has moved in their lives, and pray that that would multiply. Part of the practice of prayer is reflection – this helps turn our prayer life into a dynamic relationship with God, rather than a list of to-do’s for God.

When we reflect on what God has done and how he has answered our prayers, we begin to see that the impact of that answered prayer could be far bigger than we ever imagined. Part of the work of the Spirit is using that answered prayer to minister to the whole body, the whole community. When we spend time in reflection with the Lord, we’ll see how the Lord’s faithfulness to us is meant to be multiplied.

This is witnessing, isn’t it? We share what we experience of God – in real time. Witnessing is more than telling our salvation story, though it’s not less than that. We’re meant to continually witness to what we have experienced of God, trusting that he will multiply his faithfulness. An answered prayer is bigger than we realize.

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