The Way You Thought

Re:Verse passage – Esther 7:3-7 (day four)

Have you ever looked around at your life and thought, “This is not how I thought it would turn out”? I doubt that as a little girl, Esther dreamed with any seriousness of being a queen. I doubt that Mordecai foresaw the role he would play in saving the Jewish people. On the flip side, though, I doubt that Esther ever thought she would have to risk her life for a nation, and I doubt Mordecai knew that there would be a plot from the palace to take his life.

Things often don’t turn out like we thought they would – sometimes there’s more joy than we imagined, sometimes there’s more fear and grief. Sometimes life makes a lateral move – leaving us with apathy or disappointment we didn’t see coming. In all of it, though, the Lord is present. Esther shows us that if we have heads up, staying alert to the movement of the Spirit, the Lord will use us to do miraculous things to accomplish his purposes – things we never thought possible.

If life hasn’t turned out the way you thought, that doesn’t mean the Lord is not near. He has not left you. How might the Lord be working in the circumstances you find yourself in? If you wake up to the movement of the Spirit, what surprising Kingdom work will lay before you?


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