Counted In

Re:Verse passage – 1 Samuel 16:5-13 (day four)

At first, David wasn’t even brought into the room when Samuel came to his family’s house. He wasn’t just last on the list for who might be anointed as king, he wasn’t on the list at all. Over and over again throughout Scripture, we see God choosing the person that the world would never even consider. That concept is woven into our Savior’s DNA. God intentionally made his Son’s family tree full of people that the world had counted out.

But when this occurs in our own life, we still get surprised by it, don’t we? We might even become angry when we see God moving through someone that we hadn’t considered worthy. It gives us some cognitive dissonance when God works through someone with opposite political opinions, someone who’s culture we don’t understand, or someone who rubs us the wrong way. Our human nature wants to count people out, but God wants to count people in.

Who have you counted out lately? The Lord is most likely doing a work to count them in.

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