Tend My Sheep

Re:Verse passage – John 21:15-25 (day four)

I love the symmetry that we see between this passage and where we started in chapter 18. Peter denies Jesus three times, and now, in Jesus’ kindness, Peter gets to affirm his love for him three times. Jesus deals with Peter’s shame and fear so tenderly. He fully restores him.

What great timing it is that we’re studying this passage as we begin the season of Lent. As we spend this season in prayer, repentance, and drawing closer to the Lord, let’s put ourselves in Peter’s shoes. When the Lord asks, “Do you love me?” – what is our response? Have you denied Jesus in one way or another? Well, Jesus offers restoration to you, just like Peter.

Just as Jesus’ restoration for Peter is offered to us, his command to Peter is  given to us as well: “Tend my sheep.”

How are you tending to his sheep? What does it look like for you to respond to what Jesus is asking of you? How might you focus on that during this Lenten season?

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