Re:Verse passage – John 20:24-29 (day four)

This story has earned Thomas the nickname “doubting Thomas” for quite some time. It is often said with the intention of being a tad derogatory toward him. And yes, Thomas expresses doubt that Jesus is alive. But look at what Jesus does in response! He comes back, walks through another locked door, and ministers to Thomas, giving him exactly what he needs. He doesn’t chastise him or belittle him. He knows Thomas’ heart, and he comes back for him.

Jesus is the good shepherd. When one of his sheep is missing, too grief stricken to know what to do, he comes back for that sheep, and gives it exactly what it needs. Jesus doesn’t despise our feelings of doubt, and I don’t think he would have called Thomas by his unfortunate nickname. Rather, he draws near to us in our doubt, and just like with Thomas, he gives us the gift of his presence.

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