Re:Verse passage – John 20:19-23 (day four)

The breath of God is more powerful than we could ever imagine. In Genesis, man gets his very life from God’s breath. Psalm 33 proclaims that the breath of God created the heavenly host. Job tells us that the breath of the Almighty gives understanding. Here, Jesus simply breathes, and the disciples receive the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God himself, the third member of the Trinity, imparted through breath.

It’s by this Holy Spirit that we can participate in life with God. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to live in a new way. Right after he breathes the Spirit onto them, Jesus starts talking about forgiveness. Of all the ways that the Spirit changes our lives – Jesus chooses to talk about how the Spirit empowers us to forgive. Overcoming unforgiveness is one of the most powerful ways the Spirit acts in our lives. Are you having trouble forgiving someone who has wronged you? Take it to the Lord. When you walk with God, he has given you his Spirit through a simple breath. Through that Spirit, forgiveness is possible.

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  1. Megan, This post was so beautiful. Such clear examples of the power of the breath of God and a stellar reminder of what is necessary for forgiveness. Thank you for these words.

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