Re:Verse passage – John 19:5-16 (day four)

It’s easy to breeze over Pilate’s words here and treat him with unnuanced disdain. We often consider him to simply be a tool used to bring about the next part of the story. But that’s not how Jesus saw Pilate.

Jesus had a habit of seeing people for who they really are, and knowing their heart before they ever spoke a word (the idea of being “fully God” comes in in a relational way here). And Jesus saw who Pilate really was – a man desperately trying to live up to his family’s legacy of military prowess and political influence, a man with equal parts power and insecurity as he tried to rule a people group that he didn’t understand during their biggest holiday season of the year (Passover), a man on unsure footing with his boss, King Herod, wondering if his life would really turn out the way he imagined.

When Jesus speaks to Pilate here, he doesn’t speak with anger, but compassion. He simply speaks the truth. And while we know Pilate’s anxiety eventually leads him to give Jesus over to be crucified, I have to imagine that these interactions with Jesus were etched in his heart. After all, you can feel it when you are truly seen and known by someone.

You are fully known by Jesus. What will your response be?

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  1. Thank you for this perspective and thought provoking words. We all face judgement for our words and actions before THE KING. Praise GOD for HIS compassion, love and forgiveness as we confess our sins.

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