Re:Verse passage – John 19:1-5 (day four)

In the passage we read last week, Jesus finally claims his kingship for the first time. “You say correctly that I am a king,” Jesus says. It’s not until this moment that he verbally claims that title. And how does the world respond? We get a glimpse of that this week: they mock him, they beat him, they reject him. The truest king to ever live finally claims his title, and the world can only scoff at him, blinded by sin at the glory before them.

There were times before this when if he had claimed to be king, he would have been carried on people’s shoulders, had the red carpet laid out for him. In the moments where he would have been treated like royalty, he says nothing of his kingship. But now, after having been betrayed, accused, thrown into the hands of an unjust ruler, when no good could come of it, he says it plainly: I am a king.

The soldiers meant only to mock him, but his mock coronation testifies to the truth that he is the one true king, and that his death will actually be his hour of glory. They meant to degrade him, but they unknowingly affirmed his eternal reign. The stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone – here in this very moment.

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