Re:Verse Blog – 12/12/22

Re:Verse passage – John 19:1-5 (day one)

Join us as Senior Pastor Chris Johnson, Associate Pastor Aaron Hufty, and Associate Pastor Bryan Richardson walk us through  John 19:1-5 in our Winter Re:Verse Series: “The Beauty of Restoration” The Final Days of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

One thought on “Re:Verse Blog – 12/12/22”

  1. When Aaron mentioned the baby born in the manger and His calling, it reminded me of the hymn “ Who is He in Yonder Stall?”
    Who is he in yonder stall, at whose feet the shepherds fall? Who is he in deep distress, fasting in the wilderness?

    Lo! at midnight who is He prays in dark Gethsemane? Who is he on yonder tree dies in grief and agony?

    ‘Tis the Lord! Oh, wondrous story! ‘Tis the Lord! The king of glory! At his feet, we humbly fall, Crown Him, crown Him, Lord of all!

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