Re:Verse passage – John 18:33-40 (day seven) 

“I find no guilt in Him. But…” vs 38-39

Why the need for the “But” Pilate? If you found no guilt in Him, then why didn’t you let Him go free?  If you thought He was innocent, then why did you offer Barabbas? If He was no threat to your kingdom, then why did you give the people the one person who did try to overthrow your kingdom? Why were you a coward Pilate?

I guess you wanted the easy way out. You thought you could bring Him before the crowd and they would surely choose a king over a criminal. You wanted to do the right thing and not have to suffer the consequences, so you took the cowards way out and continued to cower all the way to the cross. All this because you thought it would cost you power. You knew Jesus was innocent. Why didn’t you stop it?

Leaders do not cower. Leaders do not look for the easy way out. Leaders do the right thing… even if it costs them everything!

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

2 thoughts on “Coward”

  1. Pilate was the ultimate political genius. He knew his position was in danger if he did not please the people and the Romans who placed him in power.

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