The Whole Story

Re:Verse passage – John 18:15-18, 25-27 (day four)

What if this were the last thing written about Peter? What if all we got from Scripture about Peter’s life ended here with him denying his friend and savior, not once, not twice, but three times? If his story ended here, we would not remember him kindly. But we know his story doesn’t end here. We have the benefit of living in a post-resurrection world. We know how Peter’s story ends – in just a few chapters, his relationship with Jesus will be restored. He’ll go on to lead the early church and ultimately give his life for the sake of Christ. We know that in Peter’s darkest hour, his story wasn’t over. It’s good to know how the story ends, isn’t it?

Because we know Christ, we know how our story ends too. But often, on the days that we deny Christ, or on our most painful days in this life, when the light seems to have gone out completely, we think to ourselves, “My life is over. There’s no coming back from this.” But by the grace of God, our story doesn’t end there either. The Lord has done, is doing, and will always be doing his work of redemption in us. We may not know our future, but we do know how our story ends. This is the hope we have in Christ.

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  1. Certainly this truth applies to all believers, but it’s especially applicable to Single Adults and those who have lost a loved one – and particularly at this season of the year. Praying for those dear ones right now. Thanks, Megan!

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