Secret Places

Re:Verse passage – Matthew 6:5-13 (day five)

This short passage in Matthew acts as an invitation. An invitation from Jesus to move from the shallows into the great depth of life in the Spirit. As Jesus is describing how His people should pray, he invites them into a secret place. A place that you enter knowing you’re walking on holy ground, where you shut the door, and you commune with the eternal, majestic, loving God of all creation. There’s a sense of wonder in that secret place, where the noise of the rest of the world is silenced and we get to hear from One who loves us. We get to lay out our burdens and watch as He takes each one of them from us. We get to hear the vision of the life that He has for us. Our disillusionment with the world turns into amazement of how the Spirit is bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

If you want to journey into the depths of the life God has for you, start in that secret place. Start with this prayer that Jesus teaches us to pray. As you continue to pray faithfully in this way, you’ll find splendor in that secret place.

One thought on “Secret Places”

  1. Thank you, Pastor; for your beautiful description of that sacred space of my time, when all my religion, pride, and ego are checked at the door.

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