Re:Verse passage – Job 40:6-9, 15-19; 41:1-7, 10-11; 42:1-6 (day three)

God showed up in a physical way to meet with Job – He came to him in a thunderstorm. We call this kind of meeting a “theophany,” where God shows up in a tangible way to speak to someone. Can you imagine how terrifying that must have been? Job gives the only appropriate response – he humbly repents. After God shows Job His majesty and power, Job essentially says, “I’m sorry. I went on talking about things that I don’t really know about. It won’t happen again.” The appropriate response to meeting with the One Holy God is humility.

We know that God can still speak through a thunderstorm, but we also know that He constantly speaks to us through His Spirit which dwells in us – if we’d only listen. Often, when the Spirit speaks to us and convicts, our response should mimic Job’s – “I’m sorry, Lord. My pride got the best of me, I didn’t know what I was talking about.” Things will go better for us if we’re more willing to say that to God and to each other. The best part is, we know that God answers that repentance with boundless grace and love. Let’s walk humbly with God.

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