Out of Context

Re:Verse passage – Philippians 4:10-23 (day seven)

Throughout my time playing football, I saw Philippians 4:13 used in many different ways. Some guys had this tattooed on their body. I heard coaches and players pray using this verse before games asking God for victory. Others would say this after the victory as a means to give God glory. You have probably seen and heard much of the same in your profession.

These usages of this verse are very much out of context. Paul did not want us to claim victory in sport through the power of Christ, nor was he assuring us that we could overcome our physical insufficiencies if we believed hard enough. What Paul was telling us was that with Christ we will be content in all things. If we truly wanted to apply this to the sports world, Christ helps us be just as content after a loss as after a victory.

More specifically to the context of the passage, we as Christians are not promised riches, prosperity, or even three meals a day. What we are promised is that no matter our situation, good or bad, we can be content. Christ is sufficient for all we need.

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  1. Good houghts. As your mom, you know this was so hard for me to be just as content in the losses! Ha! Thanx for this! Love you!

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