Re:Verse passage – Matthew 9:20-22(day seven)

“At once the woman was made well.”

This last phrase “was made well” comes from the Greek word sozo meaning “to save.”

This passage could read, “Immediately the woman was saved.”

The miracle here was just as much spiritual as it was physical. Her faith made her medically healed but it also eternally set her apart. Yesterday, Danny pointed us to the phrase “Daughter.” When Jesus called her His daughter, it gave her belonging. She became a daughter of the King through her faith. She suffered in isolation for 12 years, but now she belongs for eternity. Saved by grace through faith.

Jesus calls us all out of our isolation and suffering and into His family. He calls us into healing. Sometimes it is physical, but always it is spiritual. He calls us to step out in faith and trust Him. He calls us sons and daughters. He saves us by grace through faith.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

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