Gates Too

Re:Verse reading–Acts 12:1-19 (day six)

“[The gate] It opened for them of its own accord,…” Acts 12:10b

God is in the details. Can you imagine if Peter were left to pick the lock of the gate, after God had done everything else? Being Peter he probably could have figured it out, but that is not how God works. I like to think that this is a small way of God saying, “I do ALL of the rescuing; Peter you have no part in this other than to receive.”

There is no part in our own rescue story that was left to us to figure out; God did it all, even to the smallest detail. It is also a great reminder that God is in the daily details of the obstacles we face.

There is no gate he cannot open, or keep closed.

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Gates Too”

  1. God can do anything and helps people who believe him. But during Jesus’ life, I learned that most people did not believe God.

    This is still true today that there are still many unbelievers. They believe many things but they do not often believe in God. I am convinced that God is unable to help if we don’t trust and believe in Him.

    Just like in real life, we must believe in the organizational leadership in order for them to be able to help us, the employees. We cannot go on our own if we are under one’s authority and organizational power. Believing and help should be on our way!!

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