God’s Own Heart

Easter Re:Verse reading–John 20:1-18 (day four)

Re:Verse reading – 1 Samuel 13:1-14

In our 1 Samuel passage, we see the end of Saul’s kingdom.  He has disobeyed God and his kingdom has been removed.  God would have established his kingdom forever, but instead, God sought a man after His own heart to bestow this honor upon.

In John 20, we see the culmination of that promise God will make to David in 1 Samuel 16.  David’s pure heart to obey the Lord resulted in a kingdom that would last forever.  Jesus was of the house of David and His resurrection ushered in His eternal kingdom.

For generations…hundreds of years…God’s plan had been unfolding.  Now…thousands of years later…it is still unfolding.  God has been faithful to His Word.  What does it mean to you and to me to have a God who is unchanging…who is eternal…who is faithful and true to His promises? Should our lives reflect His glory to those around us?  Could it be said of us that we are after God’s own heart?

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “God’s Own Heart”

  1. God is God and but there are no causes for Him to change. It is true that God’s plan is still unfolding and we can never understand what He will unfold next. But one thing I am assured that God’s promises to His believers will not be broken and what God sets forth cannot be stopped. We just have to listen attentively and pray for God to reveal, one at a time!

    God lives forever. All His creations will have a beginning and also will have an end. We, human beings, had a beginning and will have a physical ending. There will be a time when we will no longer exist but there will be no timetable when God won’t exist. He has always existed and even before the earth and all creatures were created. We depend on God, one another to feel supported, air, water, food, medicines, clothing to keep us warm, and so on but God does not need us, is self-sufficient and self-contained.

    We change. Human hearts change. The things around us keep changing and are changing in an increasingly fast pace. We cannot predict what the future will bring due to uncertainties and uncontrollable events. But God is unchanging. His Word is unchanging. His unconditional love for us and His amazing grace are unchanging. People change and will walk away from us but God is always present when we ask and seek Him. People may not want to listen to our concerns but God will always listen. In fact, He wanted for us to bring our concerns to Him.

    God is unchanging. His Word is unchanging. He is always the same, in the past, now, and in the future. He never changes despite we change constantly. Whom should we trust and count on when we need? God or human beings. I am sure we know the answer!

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