Great Joy

Re:Verse reading–Luke 2:1-20 (day seven)

Verse 10 has bothered me all week.  The angel proclaims to “bring good news of great joy which will be for all people.”  I know the good news is for all people.  We do not always share it generously, but we know that we should.  It is the other part that bothers me, the great joy.  Is the great joy for all people too?

There are people beyond the church who use the word joy, but I am not sure you can comprehend what joy is apart from a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I imagine this is our message too.  It is possible for all people to be filled with great joy, but they only know what that is when the Gospel takes root in their lives.  When we witness we are setting out to help the lost come to know a new reality that produces joy.

You may be the key component to your neighbor finally understanding what joy is.  Right now they think it is some fleeting emotion, but by the Gospel they can come to know a state of joy in Jesus Christ that does not fade.  Do not miss the opportunity this Christmas season to spread the good news of great joy.  People are far more likely to listen this time of year than any other.  Spread the joy of the Gospel!

Author: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “Great Joy”

  1. Great question! I wonder about the source of joy. The whole world is celebrating this season of joy but what it is that they are celebrating? Are they celebrating as givers and/or receivers, as having a new life or a changing heart? Or are they celebrating as they rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ? I wanted to know as I am curious! My joy has been a reflection of becoming a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, being baptized at FBCSA and with the belief that Jesus is a Rescuer and Savior!

    I attended Christmas at First last night and I was impressed with the quality and the content of the joy and peace message and program presentation! Two words that resonate more with me, “Deliverer” and “Savior”. I think these words should suggest to us that the presence of Jesus in our lives ought to bring us, as Christians, the absence of fear and the presence of joy.

    The absence of fear, “Be not afraid”, is the phrase we should keep in mind and in our hearts when we face sufferings, man-made difficulties, challenges and hardships or disappointments. We should have no fear as Jesus, Deliverer and Savior of human race, is present and will lift us up if we ask and seek Him.

    Not everyone knows Jesus but I am sure everyone heard His name! I totally agreed that in this Christmas season, we should take every opportunity we can to spread the Gospel of Jesus. No other perfect opportunity than the month of December, His birth month, to remind who Jesus is and the examples He provided with great love, compassion and humility.

    The world will know peace and joy when more people turn to Jesus. In this Christmas season, let’s reach out to others who are left unloved and forgotten. Let’s make a difference in our surroundings, one step at a time. A little, I know, can bring joy to those that are important to Jesus! I will do my part. Merry Christmas!

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