Ears to Hear

Re:Verse reading–Acts 23:11, 25:12, 28:16-31 (day seven)

Who will listen to the Gospel?  Our heart tells us that everyone everywhere will listen to the Gospel, but our experience in the world reveals very few who open their ears long enough to hear.  Paul lived out his Christian walk with this very question defining his life.  He worked hard to get his Jewish brethren to listen, and as they refused he sought out anyone else who might have an ear for the Kingdom of God.  Paul’s priority of finding those people with open ears is miraculous.  He never worried about getting run out of a city by an angry mob, he didn’t lose faith as his ship wrecked in Malta, he didn’t give up when he was bitten by a snake, he didn’t pout when he was chained to an armed guard, Paul saw these tragic moments as one more opportunity to find someone with open ears to the Kingdom of God.

May we never be demoralized by circumstances, but use those inevitable moments of life as one more chance to witness.

When they had set a day for Paul, they came to him at his lodging in large numbers; and he was explaining to them by solemnly testifying about the kingdom of God and trying to persuade them concerning Jesus, from both the Law of Moses and from the Prophets, from morning until evening.  Acts 28:23 NASB

Author: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

One thought on “Ears to Hear”

  1. Paul pressed on the Jesus’ theme! Amazing how God led Paul through the Holy Spirit in his assignments to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Rome. God gave salvation to those who wanted and had the need for Jesus. The Gospel continued to expand even Paul was imprisoned in Rome. Truly amazing!

    Human beings would see no chance for Paul to preach Jesus but God turned Paul’s imprisonment circumstance for His glory. God opened the opportunity for everyone to hear of the Good News but not everyone would hear God’s message as God intended for them. Those who heard but their hearts were hardened lost the opportunity to a new beginning for salvation. God gave to those who wanted it. If we want salvation, we have it!

    In real life, we have seen lost opportunities to peace, joy, happiness and unity in those who rushed to judgement of other human beings’ actions because their hearts were hardened for openness and for new perspectives. They hear but they reject and are doubtful of anything that is not customary. They hear but they don’t try to understand. They hear but what comes in from one ear will go out from the other ear! Their own mindset kicks in and they are unchanging! Openness gives us opportunities to hear and see other perspectives!

    Paul did a great job as Christ’s apostle. He preached Christ, not himself. He believed in Jesus and the gospel of Christ. He trusted God, believed in Jesus and God’s salvation for all.

    Just like Christ, Paul was a charismatic and a servant leader. I see that although Paul was placed in a situation that could provide him with very little or no opportunity for advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ, he was not disturbed by it but very focused on God’s assignments for him. He understood his role and understood his situation and made each opportunity useful to preach Christ and for God’s glory.

    God overruled Paul’s imprisonment for the furtherance of the gospel. God was in Paul and worked through Paul in furtherance of the gospel. When God leads, no men or governments can disrupt Him. When God guides, we will see winning outcomes. He is the ruler of all nations. Praise to Paul, praise to Jesus, and praise to God!

    Have you seen any leaders (political, spiritual, societal or organizational leaders) who possess Paul’s leadership and personal characters?

    I cannot imagine what the gospel of Jesus Christ would be like if Paul’s missionary journeys were discrupted for whatever reasons! God utilized Paul for His glory so we would not see a failure when God leads and guides.

    God never fails in His decisions! He is God! We just have to remember He will overrule any human-led barriers or obstacles and human-led decisions if they go against God’s will. I am convinced!

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