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Re:Verse reading–Acts 23:11, 25:12, 28:16-31 (day six)

I have stood outside the small cathedral in Rome where Paul’s apartment has been enshrined. I have also been in his jail cell, and stood near the site he was martyred a few years after his initial house arrest. Church tradition tells us that Paul was released from house arrest, only to be arrested once again in Rome a year or two later and executed shortly thereafter.

Paul was a real man, who had a real encounter with Jesus, whose life was forever changed by the Gospel, who gave the rest of his life to spread the message of the Gospel to the known world at great cost to himself. He wasn’t a myth, a fabrication, or an exagerration. Paul was real because the Gospel is real; Jesus doesn’t leave people the same.

How has the real Gospel impacted you?

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

One thought on “Real Gospel”

  1. Real Gospel and Real Holy Spirit! Paul walked with God by faith, obedience and in the Holy Spirit. He did not worry what tomorrow would bring. Tomorrow will take care itself. God is in control. He planned for his missionary journeys to ensure success in spreading the Gospel but he did not worry about any challenges or barriers.

    From my perspective, planning is a good personal and professional attribute; worrying is not. In fact, worrying is a weakness and is a defeat in life. It is a passive, emotional tone!

    Paul believed in Jesus as Lord and Savior and believe in Jesus’ mission on earth; therefore, committed his life for Jesus and for the Gospel. He committed because he believed. Despite challenges and potential dangers to his life, Paul did not give up but moved forward for God’s glory! Paul set the right kind of examples for believers and for missionary work during his time and for generations to come.

    People with strong values and beliefs for a cause may exhibit Paul’s attributes. They commit to the cause that is important to them and are willing to live for and to die for it. They would commit themselves and their whole life for that cause. I am sure we see this type of Paul’s personal attributes in folks who did or currently do missionary work and in those in the Armed Forces, past and present!

    Their mission and goals in life, their beliefs and values define who they are!! They will not give up when the going gets tough or becomes ugly. For believers, I truly believe they trust their chosen missions for the common good, trust in God and in their abilities to overcome all challenges and in their capacities to exert positive influence and to achieve their missions. They walk in the Holy Spirit, in prayers, in obedience and by faith! Tomorrow is never a challenge. They have no fear to men. They believe God is with them in all situations and circumstances.

    When the Holy Spirit leads and guides and we can feel He is present, I am sure it is time to give up oneself and to walk God’s way. God always has a better plan for our lives. I am convinced!

    Do you plan out your life and ask God to bless your plan? Do you feel encouraged with His blessings? Do you feel God has moved you to His plan or His will for you? What moved you to change? Where do you find motivation or encouragement? Men or God?

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