Convenience vs. Obedience

Re:Verse reading–Acts 6:8-10, 7:54-58, 8:1-5, 26-38 (day four) 

When we face difficult situations, often our first response is to pray and ask God to deliver us from the hardship.  When things are going really great, we often ask God to sustain the good times.  Both of these responses are completely opposite to what we see here in Scripture.  The early Church was facing very intense persecution which began to scatter the believers to the four winds.  What appeared to be bad though, provided for the Gospel to spread across the whole known world.  With the multitudes that were responding to Phillip’s preaching, most preachers would set up their tent and build their numbers and prestige.  Phillip was set on obedience to God though.  Instead of staying with the comfortable, he departed for the desert roads to find his divine appointment.

Whatever our situation…good or bad…we must make sure our response is according to God’s plan and Word.  Phillip chose obedience regardless of his circumstances.  Shouldn’t we?

Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Convenience vs. Obedience”

  1. Great topic for some thoughtful dialogues, for self-awareness, personal and organizational commitments and dedication.

    Obedience is never convenient. It is not convenient to keep all receipts or records for expenditures and for all incomes or revenues but to file 2017 Federal income tax, we must follow IRS regulations and obey the Federal tax law of the land. It wasn’t convenient for me to spend 4 hours on the road driving to work and from work at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Training Center during the snow and icy season for almost 13 years until I received authorization to telework full-time from San Antonio in June 2015 with occasional travels back to NTSB Headquarters in Washington, DC.; but I was present, never absent, at work to participate fully with my boss, to run and to oversee the NTSB Training Center daily operations and contractors and fulfilled my10-hour work days in a workweek. Serving the NTSB mission is to do whatever is required of me as Assistant to Associate Managing Director and Senior Management and Program Analyst at NTSB to fulfill my essential duties and responsibilities even I have to spend my personal time to complete what I am called upon to carry out. Putting the organizational mission above personal convenience is my conviction!

    In organizational life, there are folks who serve a mission because they believe in a mission and want to make a difference. They obey the commands of their leaders, follow organizational policies and standards of operations in carrying out their duties and do whatever they are called upon to do. When we obey, it is never a personal convenience or personal freedom! They do whatever and whenever is needed for achieving the mission based on the duties and responsibilities that they are or will be assigned! Personal sacrifices are required when we are in absolute obedience to a command!

    Today’s culture is all about convenience; whatever makes life simple and convenient is the way to go; however, I have seen strong Christians who place obedience to God over personal convenience. These folks have made many personal sacrifices and went the extra mile to advance the mission and help others. They are true blessings to others. When God called them, they served! They are my model of a true Christian.

    Obedience brings its own reward. There are rewards and payoffs if we choose to obey. We obey and submit our work to a command because we strongly believe in a mission. We serve Christ because we have the love for Him and the passion for achieving Christ’s mission on earth. The peace of pleasing God and being in His will for us, as Christians, is priceless. I am convinced obedience is God’s will and God’s way. Go for it!!

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