Re: Verse reading–Acts 3:1-20  (day four)

We call it a refresh button .  It brings the screen of our phone or computer up to date.  It replaces the old with the new.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a refresh button in life…making everything new and right?  Good news!  We do.  Verse 19 says, “Therefore, repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord;”  Repentance is more than just a desire to do good, it involves action…a turning away from one behavior (sin) and decisively turning to a right behavior according to God’s plan.  Repentance is always to a behavior in line with God’s Word.  Replacing the old with the new!  Repentance can lead to forgiveness of sin and salvation, or it can lead to a correction in the direction of life and a return to righteousness.  Is it time to hit the refresh button in your life?



Author: Larry Soape

Larry Soape is the Associate Pastor for Median & Senior Adults, and Missions at FBCSA.

3 thoughts on “Refresh”

  1. It is always good to examine ourselves, how we are doing spiritually, where we are in our phase of life cycle and what is our purpose in life. Are we heading to a wrong direction, spiritually and socially, economically and so on? Are we happy with ourselves? Are we unhappy with our current situations or current mindset? What did we do wrong? What did we do right? What can we do differently so we can have a long lasting peace, joy, and happiness? Who do we admire most? And why? What are our values and philosophy in life? What matters most, God first or wealth first? What is missing in our lives?

    I have a tendency to look at each day a new day. In doing so, it forces me to think forward. It’s a natural part of life that we change as changes are instrumental to our personal and professional growth, spiritual growth, health and happiness.

    Let’s hope that the love for God and the body of Christ, the love for spouse, the love for our children, the love for friends, the love for brothers and sisters in Christ be our guiding principle. What are our priorities? What are our purposes in life at this phase of your life cycle? I ask these questions often!!

    I pray that we are honest to ourselves and the Holy Spirit will help transform our hearts so we can secure long lasting peace, self-satisfaction, joy and happiness and will have an eternal life.

  2. Thankful for your Spirit led leadership for Wednesday night prayer time. Reading the whole Reverse was impactful and then using particular scriptures to prompt our praying was meaningful. It was like a sweet Biblestudy bathed in prayer. Thank you.

  3. Good blog on spiritual growth!

    May we all be filled with the Holy Spirit and with spiritual growth and maturity! May we all be blessed with health, joy, happiness, wisdom, peace and harmony. Only when we can find happiness within ourselves, the world will experience peace and harmony. Make each day a new day full of God’s love for ourselves, for our loved ones, family and friends, and for our surroundings. Health, Joy and Peace to you all and God bless!

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