Re: Verse reading–Acts 3:1-20  (day three)

“He asked them for money.”  Money was the only remedy in society’s framing of the situation.  But Peter and John broke that frame.  A handout was no longer the best thing a person might hope to receive.  The eternal kind of life they were learning from the Holy Spirit enabled them to imagine new possibilities.  This is not imagination like we understand it, which is essentially “make-believe”.  Rather, it is a future redefined by Christ.  As Jesus’s disciples, we have the power to usher in new ways of living.  At least for now, we have social standing and power unknown to the first century church.  Can you give money?  Do it.  Can you heal?  Do so.  But can we leverage our social standing and power to alter the economic landscape for the sake of the least of these?  We must.

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

One thought on “Frame”

  1. No one would deny that the 21st-century embraces diversity, complexity and evolutionary thinking. Complexity leads to opportunities for creativity and innovation and for economic growth. Economic growth will lead to prosperity and a better quality of life. There are many opportunities for contributing to society and community, to pay back and to pay forward.

    Possibilities for us to serve our Lord and Savior are endless. Christians can be creative in serving our Lord and Savior. Money or wealth, one’s social standing and position power, knowledge, and spiritual skills can be put in great use, to help the needy, the disadvantaged, and the sick and to shape a new economic landscape for a Godly society!

    Great questions, “Can you give money? Do it. Can you heal? Do so. Can we leverage our social standing and power to alter the economic landscape for the sake of the least from these? We must.” My answer to each question is “Sure”!

    Together, we can make a difference! Be creative and be innovative; and give what we can to advance the gospel. God does not want us to give what we don’t have. I pray that the Holy Spirit will live in each of us and helps us see all opportunities and possibilities and do what God wants for us to do for an eternal life.

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