Re:Verse reading–Nehemiah 6:1-16 (day three)

“Each time I gave them the same answer.” Nehemiah kept guarding himself against mission creep.  He understood the alternative.  Pretty soon, you’re building a wall—and crafting diplomacy toward unfriendly nations.  And strengthening alliances with friendly nations to stand with you against unfriendly nations.  And sharing military strategy and resources and personnel with those allies as the initiative to build a front against unfriendly nations progresses.  On it goes.  The Bible reveals that when all things occupy equal importance, your energies become diluted.  Those who need serving don’t get served well.  Those who need leading don’t get led well.  And eventually, you can’t tell a good idea from a bad one because you’ve set them all on equal footing from the start.  Nehemiah said, “Now strengthen my hands.”  That prayer says, “Help me do this task well.  Not that thing.  This thing.”

Author: Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson is the Associate Pastor for Counseling and Pastoral Ministries at FBCSA.

2 thoughts on “Creep”

  1. Knowing when to build bridges and when to build walls! Build bridges with God’s followers and build walls to separate Satan and Satan’s followers! God’s followers and Satan’s followers cannot be on equal footing!! Know our tasks and do well!

    Phuong Le Callaway, PHD, CA

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