Christ and His critics

Re:Verse reading–Mark 3: 20-35 (day one)

“He is possessed by Beelzebub!”–v 22

Reality check #1.  The way of Christ is narrow.  Not many people are going to actually walk it toward an eternity with God.

Reality check #2. Those who don’t follow Christ will arrive at some conclusion (evaluation) of Christ and His followers.

Reality check #3.  These conclusions may not always be kind.

Mark 3 describes the growing opposition to Jesus.  “A man who goes around talking about God and healing people has got to be stopped!  Am I right?”  So, His enemies turn to a familiar tactic.  Rumors.  Gossip.  When in doubt, sling mud!

“He is demon possessed”, they whispered to the tabloids.  Without any mention of the demonic, even His family seems concerned about His mental stability–v 20.

Such encouragement to see Jesus unwounded and undefeated by such unfair criticism!  Secure in the Father, He answers the critics as best He can and then He moves forward!

Great lesson!  Great Savior!

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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