Re:Verse reading–Mark 2:1-12 (day seven)

Healing a paralyzed man is something only God can do and signals (is a sign) of Christ’s identity.  Like the Father, Jesus is caring and capable and competent.  Nothing is too hard for Him.

But physical healing, at least in this story, is sort of an afterthought.  For Jesus, the spiritual healing of the man is more important.  The visible miracle points to/proves a larger truth.

Reflection on this event leads to two powerful conclusions.  1) Sin is the real problem. Always.  For all.  2) Christ has authority to “send it away” (literal meaning of forgive).

When Christ first met me I was paralyzed too.  Not physically, but spiritually.   Helpless to move in righteousness.  Numb to feelings and duty.  A silent and invisible killer had entered my life, weakened my limbs, confused my thoughts.

Christ sent my paralysis away.  Commanded me to walk in the Spirit.

What does Mark 2 tell you about your life?   About Jesus?

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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