We have run out of time

Re:Verse reading–Revelation 10:1-9; 11:1-15 (day one)

“And he swore . . .that there shall be delay no longer.”–10:6

Ever seen a football team try to win a game in the last few seconds?  The clock ticks away as they march down the field.  A field goal or a touchdown needed to claim victory?

Often, time runs out before they can achieve their goal.  The team still has plays left to run, energy and ideas but the last seconds have ticked away.  “Game over” says the referee.

Revelation 10 is a similar picture related to a much more important endeavor.  After multiple moments of God’s patience, after many delays as He waits for men to repent, the angel suddenly announces “there will be no more delay”.

Literally it reads, “there will be no more time (chronos).”  No more seconds on the clock.  No more opportunities to get it right.  The judgement comes swiftly now.  Game over.  The world has run out of time.


Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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