Re:Verse reading–Romans 3:21-31 (day five)

Romans 3:23 is a good reminder that God looks at the human race far differently than I do. It is easy is to compare my sins to the sins of others. I imagine that some sins are worse or more deplorable than others. The scripture leaves NO room for that kind of thinking/reasoning. There are no “unsatisfactory, poor, satisfactory“ levels of sin. I remember asking a group of students how many of you are included in the group “all”. Everyone raised a hand. Of course that’s the point isn’t it? All of us, each of us, belong in this group!! No grades or progress reports are given. Everyone has failed- a discouraging thought indeed.

But, the despair of the “all” in verse 23 finds great hope in the “all” in verse 22. (Look it up). The righteousness of God needed by all (Romans 3:23) “who have sinned”, is offered to all (Romans 3:22) “through faith in Christ”.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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