Re: Verse reading–John 19:28-42 (day seven)
“It is finished”–v 28.  Jesus is the full revelation of God.  He is also the full revelation of man.  If we see who God is by looking at Christ, we also see who we will be.  See 1 John 3:2.  The new Adam.  The first-fruits of a restored race!  “I gave you an example”, said Jesus in John 13.  Our task is to imitate His pattern, follow Him, do what He did.  By doing so, we discover our true selves!  One category of Christ’s character is to finish God’s assigned task.  Do you know people who once committed themselves to follow Christ, but who now are far away, cold, distracted and disinterested?  Sadly, so do I.  Who among us doesn’t feel this soul danger?   “They had no firm root in themselves, but were only temporary” reports the Bible of some who joyfully received Christ early–Mark 4:16.  No argument, Christ finished His work.  Those who follow Him do the same.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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