Asking for help

Re: Verse reading–John 19:28-42 (day six) 
“Jesus said, ‘I am thirsty’ “–v 28.  No words describe the humility of Jesus.  After hours of abuse and ridicule, His pride does not prevent Him from asking for help from the guards standing nearby.  I am certain that I would not reacted the same way.  I would have been furious and stoic.  I would have refused to make myself vulnerable, to risk further rejection.  But Jesus needed a drink in order for his testimony to be heard.  He wanted to shout “It is finished” with a loud voice.  To do so, He needed to ask for help.  Are we too proud to do the same?  Do we sometimes pretend to “have it all together” at great cost to the task that God has given us to do?  “He humbled Himself by becoming obedient, even to death on the cross”– Philippians 2:8.  The most amazing evidence of His humility?  He was willing to ask for help.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Is that where we sometimes leave our like mindedness with the Father and lean on our on understanding? Man that “I” letter can get pretty big sometimes. The humility in acknowledging that I have somehow veered off His pathway, seeking His will
    for my life and even making okay that which is not and never will be.
    I acknowledge I needed a drink, “A BIG DRINK”!
    Years ago I found myself at this same cross roads Pastor Don. As I approached
    the Pastor all I could say is I am not worthy….and even lying face down on the
    floor was not low enough for me, because I am not worthy.
    All that He would endure again and again for one the one lost sheep.
    I am so thankful and blessed to be thirsty again.

  2. Due to recent illness and long term illness of my husband, I am not always able to attend my own church, but I tape FBC and ALWAYS watch it. Bro Guthrie’s sermons always speak so clearly to my heart – and the music, a balm for my soul! We are older and miss the beautiful old hymns (our church sings, almost all, praise songs, which are all okay, but a full diet leaves me starving for the soul filling hymns)! Thank you FBC for providing this ministry! May God continue to bless your work!!!

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