Amazing for the wrong reason

RE Verse reading–Mark 6:1-6 (day one)
God is amazing.  No argument.  His grace.  His faithfulness.  His mercy.  We sing about it.  “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.”  But people are amazing too, sometimes, and for all the wrong reasons.  Vs 6 of Mark 6 says, “He (Jesus) was amazed at their unbelief”  The greek word is thaumazo–“to marvel, or wonder”  It means that Jesus had questions re. human behavior that didn’t have answers.  Illogical stuff.  Irrational choices.  We often think of the “questions” we have for God.  Think of the “questions” He will have for us!  “Why didn’t you trust me?”  “Why, when it came between the Spirit’s voice and your own fears/logic did you always choose the latter?”  With all the clues packed into the universe and all the proof of His faithfulness, it just doesn’t make sense.  Not to Jesus.  Our unbelief causes Him to shake His head in wonder.  He is amazed, but for the wrong reason.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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