When faith matters most

RE Verse reading–Mark 5:22-43 (day seven)
“Your daughter is dead, why bother the teacher any more?”  “Dont’ be afraid; just believe.” (vs 35-36)  The argument is simple.  The girl was dead.  I was a waste of time to press further.  Death trumps everything.  Right?  There are moments when to continue believing is both futile and foolish.  Right?  Wrong!  Jesus knew there is never a time when faith is powerless to save.  Especially at the point of death.  Believe! He said to the young father.  Don’t let fear take ahold of your heart.  Trust!  Are you ever discouraged?  Defeated?  Tempted to think that (whatever the present disaster) the situation is hopeless?  If so, I hope you take great courage in the words of Christ.  There is NEVER a time when nothing can be done!  NEVER a time when faith is not the victory.  A God of infinite power and love is near.  Crisis and defeat are moments when faith matters most.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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