Daily Bread

I woke today with anxiety– many things to do, concern for time to do them.  I don’t often wonder where the food I need for a particular day will come from.    I do often wonder where I will find enough time or energy or wisdom.  My sinful tendency is to “internalize” these needs, to find an answer within the very “small circle”  of my own abilities.   What I don’t  naturally do, and never would have without the instruction of Christ, is to ask for help.  Maybe I feel guilty asking for more, when He has already given so much.  Maybe I don’t know whether I need something or just think I do.  Or maybe, I need to learn the Jesus-life of open dependency on God.   No secrets, no pride, no anxiety, no “days off” from trusting Him.  Who knew that the everyday prayer would teach me everyday trust? More on this tomorrow. . .

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. {Thank you Eternal One for guiding us into all truth.}

    Just recently God spoke to my heart (Yes it is possible to “hear” His voice… no it is not audible, although I am at the point that if it was I would not care) in a way that was much more profound than what I normally experience. It had an eternal, reverberating quality to His still small voice… somehow. His charge to me and to His church was that we really have no idea what it means to have a God. I felt grieved (with Him) at this thought that we are still so in the dark as to what it means to have a God.

    I just edited out my thoughts on this because they are only my (very limited) thoughts, but maybe God will “speak” to all of us about what this means for each one of us. If we ask Him for wisdom, he will give it to us. (James 1:5) Father, open our eyes to see You and to know You. Thank you. Amen.

    Part of having a God is obedience, knowing that it is truly for our own good. God is God and knows what we do not see. We must guard our heart and minds (why did no one tell me this when I was younger?) We must take captive EVERY thought and make it obedient to Christ (2 Chron 10:5). Anxiety IS trust… it is just trust in the wrong kingdom. There are only 2 kingdoms and we are always “siding” with one or the other. We must choose This Day… Life or Death (Deut 30:19.)

    We thank you Lord that you are always with us and that YOU ARE ENOUGH!!

  2. Sorry, I had to go do something.

    I also wanted to add that you are a GREAT Pastor. We really do appreciate all your hard work.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the saints were equipped to do the works… and then actually did them?… not only for you, but also for them?

    You might be surprised at how many people would be willing to help advance the Kingdom… if they were equipped and provided a place to serve. After all, it is the job of every Christian… no matter what body part they are.

  3. I think that “give us THIS day” (not tomorrow or the next day or next week) “our daily bread” (exactly what we need for today) says to me that God’s provisions for today are adequate (more like abundant) and that we don’t need to worry about any other day. Easier said than done (for me, at least).

  4. I worry, instead of trust….and I do this on a regular basis. I am a VERY organized planner and I almost think it is second nature for me to worry/be concerned about the future. So I am working on letting go daily, and allowing God to continue to handle things daily. My goodness, he actually sees the future while I seem to conjure it up in my own mind. Geez, will I ever learn?

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