Thy will be done

I can never tell, when I pray these words, whether the Lord wants me to emphasize thy will (as opposed to my will) or be done (as opposed to just talked about or considered).  Perhaps  both.  Today, I am thinking of the second.  I am asking Him to move me to action,  to see His will and do something about it.  And not only me but the whole human race. (Here the prayer will move back toward the desire for all to hallow his name, for all to do his will.)  I wonder what life on this planet would be if we prayed this prayer and He answered with a fresh wave of energy for obedience.   Jesus said “my food is to do His will and finish His work” (John 4).  Heavenly Father, make me like your son!

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Thy will be done….. requires me to lay aside all thoughts of tomorrow, of self. It compels me to trust Him and to be obedient to that will, and to allow God to step in where I want to tread, to learn to lean on Him, not to conjure up what may be or might be, but I must allow Him to lead me in the the path of righteousness for this day alone.
    Humanism will tell us to store up riches here and now, to go and do and be what we want to be. Our Heavenly Father is asking me to store up time and treasure with Him this very day. I want to be what He want me to be. I will actively seek His will, and do it.

    1. The demand God makes for reliquishment of will is something I struggle with everyday. Like most type “A” personalities I think that I can conquer any problem without anyone’s help. God in his infinite wisdom has many ways to teach me that he is in charge and that I will never meet my potential as a Christian until I submit to him each day.

      By praying the Lord’s prayer each morning and admitting that I need Him to be in charge and by checking my ego at the door when I leave to start the day, I find it amazing how his peace will carry me through the day regardless of the obstacles I face.

  2. Praying for His will with a heart filled with joyful expectation or a resignation that He who has begun a good work will complete and bless with all good and perfect things from above. Those are His Promises! Among them He will never leave us nor forsake us. We have only to follow as a younster who follows his parent for love, protection and guidance.

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