Re:Verse reading– Mark 5:1-20 (day six)

People were amazed by the man’s story. Everywhere he went he told his story, and people marveled. This isn’t surprising, after all his story IS remarkable; demon possessed man returns to his right mind after being restored by the Son of the Most High God. Now that’s a story!

What is even more amazing is that Jesus commissioned him to go tell people about his encounter with the Most High God, rather than stay with him. What if his family and friends responses were directly tied to the authority in which he was commissioned to tell his story? What if it wasn’t his story at all, but Jesus at work in those who heard it because he was faithful to tell it.

Here’s the thing, we were not called to linger with Jesus, but to follow Jesus. Our commission is no different than the Gerasene man’s; we too must go and tell our Gospel story. God’s plan for His Kingdom was always predicated on our telling others what He has done; we just might be amazed by peoples responses when we do.

Go tell it on on the mountain…and everywhere.