Set Apart

Re:Verse reading–Acts 13:1-52 (day six)

Does the Holy Spirit still work this way? Prophets and teachers prayed, fasted, and then the Holy Spirit told them to set apart Barnabas and Paul for a particular task. It begs a lot of questions for us doesn’t it?

  • Is God’s call primarily a personal conviction first and affirmed by the greater Christian community second, or should it actually work the other way around?
  • When we pray are we even asking the right questions?
  • What of fasting to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit?
  • Are there Paul and Barnabas’ among us, and we simply aren’t listening? Or do we lack the filling of the Spirit?

I can say with certainty, the Holy Spirit hasn’t changed, we have. My conviction is that there are a few among the FBCSA that should be set apart to a particular task, but we may never know if we don’t start asking God to reveal to us who they are. Shouldn’t we pray together? Maybe even fast?