Re:Verse reading–Mark 8:27-38 (day six)

Jesus wanted Peter to see, not in part but the whole of things. That’s why this moment between Jesus and Peter is one of grace; it was spittle gently applied to his eyes (much like he did with the blind man). All he could see was blurred images, but soon he would see clearly.

What was true for Peter is true for us. Jesus desires that we not only see Him for who He is, but also see clearly the nature of God’s Kingdom. It is nothing like the Kingdom of men that fight for self-preservation at the expense of their own souls. No, we lose our life to Jesus because it is in Him that our eternal lives and joy rest most secure. Do you see?


Re:Verse reading–Romans 14:1-21 (day six)

In Romans 14, Paul encourages the strong to “walk in love.” Walking in love tends to change a lot of things, mainly how you relate to others. You are less inclined to think of yourself, and more inclined to think about your neighbor. Your rights, or personal liberties take a back seat to their physical and spiritual needs. You are less likely to say, “grow up,” or “get over it,” and more likely to say things like, “let me help you,” or “I can show you the way.” When you walk in love you are willing to “become all things to all people;” you will slow down rather than speed up, you will remove obstacles along the way, you will serve rather than be served, you may even lay down your life all for the sake of love.

Will you be strong and walk in love today?