Real Life

Re:verse–Hosea 1,3,14 (day six)

God didn’t use a vision, or a dream to reveal the heart of his message to Hosea; he used real life. God commanded Hosea to marry, only to rescue his wife years later from a life of rampant adultery. The message was clear. It was not lost on Hosea just how devastating and painful sin could be, nor the cost of covenant keeping love.

The real life of Hosea spoke volumes about the ugliness of sin and the extraordinary love of God. I wonder what our real lives have to teach us?


lightstock_88262_medium_mikel“It was now about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over the whole land…” Luke 23:44

It was the great day of the Lord fallen on Jesus’ shoulders. That’s what Luke wants us to see in the darkness (Amos 8:9). This was much more than the noble death of an innocent man, but the wrath of God poured out; it was judgement day. Not just anyone’s judgment day, but everyone’s, yours and mine, with Jesus receiving the full brunt of sin’s reward.The grace we receive has never been free. Jesus died in the darkness, so we could live in the light.


Re:Verse reading–Revelation 6 (day six)

It can be hard to see the forest from the trees, but it is a necessary endeavor, especially in Revelation. There are so many curiosities in Revelation, it is easy to get stuck amongst the tree limbs trying to figure out every detail, of which we will never fully understand this side of eternity. For instance, do the riders in chapter six have names, are they real entities? Could be I suppose; maybe, maybe not. We can get so intrigued or caught in the trees that we lose sight of the fuller picture, the forest. In this case Jesus reveals to us that judgement is not only coming, but it is an important part of completing his saving work in all creation, so much so, the martyrs ache for it to come to pass.

Do you see it? The trees are important for sure, and worthwhile to study, but not at the expense of seeing the forest.