Re:Verse reading–Genesis 22:1-19 (day six)

This is a hard story for some. Seeing redemption through God’s baffling ask of Abraham leaves some with a sour taste in their mouth. “Why would God even ask him to do that?” Understanding historical and cultural context certainly helps, but knowing the spiritual context helps even more.

Here’s the spiritual truth, God would have remained just if he had allowed Abraham to follow through. His glory, infinitely displayed through his holiness would have remained untarnished. Because of his sin, Isaac was worthy of the fullness of God’s wrath. The wages of Isaac’s sin is death. The miracle of redemption in this story is not the just-in-the-nick-of-time replacement for Isaac, but rather, even though he was a despicable sinner, God provided a sacrificial lamb to die in his place.

We can never fully understand God’s extravagant love for us (rescue and redemption)until we understand his terrible wrath against our sin, even Isaac’s.