Re: Verse reading–Revelation 19:11-21, 20:1-10 (day six)

Satan is bound, but we are free. By “we,” I mean the Church. The powers of hell will not/cannot prevail against it! Ironically we don’t always live free. Often we hesitate to talk about Jesus to others out of fear, or we fail to see how the Gospel changes all of our life at home and at work. We live as if we are bound, but we are to live free, and with authority to fish for men.

This morning, or afternoon, take the time to examine your own life. Do you live free? Or do you live as if you are bound? And remember Satan has no authority (any longer) to accuse or condemn; he has no power over you. You are a child of the King; now ask God for the grace to live like it!

Once a Slave

Re:Verse reading–Romans 8:1-17 (day six)

Experts say that there are more slaves in the world today than there were in the 18th and 19th centuries. Human trafficking, modern day slavery, is the fastest growing nefarious business in the world, second only to drugs. It would be hard to imagine the feelings a once-slave might experience after being rescued. Probably feelings of great relief and new found joy, mixed with fear and post-traumatic stress, would be very real and present.

if you are a follower of Jesus, you were once a slave; rescued from the bondage of sin and death. And yet we still can experience the shadow of our former slavery bearing down on our present life; we can even succumb to it, immobilized by fear and insecurity. Paul reminds us in Romans 8 that we don’t have to live in fear of our former way of life because now we are declared sons and daughters of God. As members of God’s family we have free access to come to Him when we experience our own spiritual PTSD. We can cry out “Abba Father!”


Re: Verse reading- Psalm 24:1-6; Ephesians 5:1-16 (day five)  Ephesians 5:1 “Therefore be imitators of God… walk in love, just as Christ ”

Spiritual Disciplines- What’s the point?  What’s the goal?  What’s the “payoff'”?  Answer…   FREEDOM

Skilled musicians, world-class athletes, expert carpenters, and well-prepared students all demonstrate the “freedom thru discipline” principle.  They have a freedom to entertain, exhibit, and excel that others do not.

What about the Freedoms in the Disciplined Christian Life?  Freedom to understand and apply Biblical Principles- by memorizing and studying Scripture.  Freedom from spiritual insensitivity- by fasting.  Freedom from self-centeredness- by service and worship.  Freedom from guilt, anger, and consequences- by practicing purity.

The Freedom found in a spiritually disciplined life is:  The capacity to recognize and accomplish what God calls us to do, and the opportunity to imitate and display the character qualities of Christ and to glorify God through our own personalities.