A Call to Read

Re:Verse reading–Luke 1:1-38 (day six)

Luke makes his purpose clear for writing this Gospel, “that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught.” (Luke 1:4)

Luke was convinced (by the Holy Spirit) that an orderly and historical presentation of eyewitness testimony would strengthen Theophilus’ faith in the Gospel truths he had been taught. What was true for Theophilus is also true of us. Certainty of God’s truth does not come from without, but from within God’s Word. This is a gift of the Holy Spirit, a book that we can hold in our hands, and testimony we can read with our mind, and by the Spirit, affirm in our heart. The Spirit illuminates truth, and He has chosen to do so through words written on a page originally written by men who either were apostles or walked with them.

Do you ever wrestle with doubt and uncertainty? Follow Luke’s advice, don’t run from the Bible, run to it.