Re:Verse reading–1 Samuel 24 (day six)

Where does joy come from? Where is contentment found? Is it derived from being true to self? Pursuing your own ends at all cost? Is it found in pleasing those around you, always bending to their will?

They say, you will only truly be happy, when you are true to yourself. They say, pursue your dreams; let nothing or no one stand in your way. Will Joy be found there?

Saul would say, “no.” That was the life he led. He was willing to put David to death for his own contentment. So overcome with selfpreservation that he could not delight in God’s anointed. Saul would die a miserably jealous and angry man.

Joy is not found from within, but from without. We find joy not by pursuing our own ends, but His. This is why Jesus prayed, “Father, may our joy be made full in themselves.” David knew this, do you?