With All Your Heart

Re:Verse passage – Jeremiah 29:10–14 (day seven)

This passage contains another “coffee cup verse” or as I like to call them “tattoo verses.” These are verses that nominal Christians will know by heart, but it is obvious that they don’t recognize the context surrounding them. I saw many teammates in football who would have tattoos of Bible verses, but that ink was the only thing that told me they had ever opened a Bible.

People want to believe that God has a plan for them, plans that “give [them] a future and a hope.” Yet, they aren’t willing to go past that verse to see how God defines and modifies that promise. The future hope is only becomes fully recognized through personal prayer and sincere seeking. If you truly want to know the future that God has laid out for you, you have to be seeking Him, and in order to find him, you have to be seeking Him “with all your heart.” 

Do you feel like you are seeking God with all your heart? What do you think might happen if you put more effort into your seeking? Don’t you want to know what God might show you if you sought Him with all your heart!?

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

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