Better Together Imago

Re:Verse passage – Genesis 1:26–27 (day seven)

male and female He created them. vs 27b

God created both male and female in His image. The complexity of our God could not be contained in one human life form, which is the most complex life form in the universe, so He created two similar albeit different life forms that would function cohesively in order to give a more accurate representation to who He is. God created male and female each uniquely different so that we realize we are better together (throwback to Summer of 2022).

It is not by some accident or evolution that male and female are so different from each other. God created us for relationships. Not just on the physical or romantic level, but in all areas of our life. We were not designed to live this life alone.  Being created in the Image of God, Imago Dei, means that we were created to know God more intimately through being together. Marriage, friendships, and community all show us that our unique differences are what truly makes us more like God.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

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