Share the Load

Re:Verse passage – Galatians 6:1-10 (day seven)

There is an important sequence in the story line of “The Lord of the Rings.” Samwise Gamgee has been a faithful companion to Frodo Baggins on his journey to Mordor to destroy “The One Ring.” Yet, the ring begins to come between them. It is visibly evident that the weight of the ring is taking a toll on Frodo. Sam, the good friend that he is, offers to share the load and carry the ring for a bit so Frodo can have a break. Frodo, under the the spell of the ring, believes that Sam is selfishly trying to take it for himself, propelling an argument that sends Sam back home. Frodo proceeds on the route by himself and is unable to bear the burden alone leading to his capture.

We know Tolkien was a devout Catholic. I believe he wrote this scene with Galatians 6 in mind. The ring is very clearly a symbol of sin in our own lives. We often believe that our struggles are internal, but what we don’t realize is that as much as we try to keep the pain to ourselves, it will eventually bleed over into other places and impact our relationships. We have been created and designed by God to be dependent on others. Anytime we try to bear our own load, it will almost always lead us to more pain and more problems.

Spoiler Alert: Sam didn’t go home. He followed Frodo at a distance and rescued him. This is the importance of community. Be more like Sam. Be like Christ.

Author: Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is the Associate Pastor for Students.

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  1. Great post, Rick! And not just because I’m a Tolkien fan. I knew about Tolkien’s faith, but I’d never considered that our Galatians passage might have inspired it. We’ll done!

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